Collab with Tu Deep

I was blessed to be asked to collaborate with Alexis for some pictures. I think she has a great eye and knows how to color correct and edit the heck out of a photo. This collaboration was really fun and kind of experimental for me in a number of ways. I hope you dig the finished images, I sure do

check out Alexis’ photography here:

Alexis’ instagram:

Our collaboration is below, along with process videos for a couple of the pictures. Check it out

Behind the Collaboration - Aaron_001


Alexis’ photo editing process video

This one was fun to work on. Check out our process videos to see everything from Alexis’ editing and awesome color correction to my glitching and digital collaging.


My glitch edit process video


Behind the collaboration - Cierra_005


Alexis’ photo editing process video

This one actually underwent a few revisions, check out our process vids to see how we work!


My glitch editing process video